Rbtrp at Technology HUB

From 7 to 9 June we participated in Technology HUB, the event dedicated to innovation and the exchange between companies and professionals, that gathers the most interesting projects and technologies in the Italian market for what concerns 3D printing, additive manufacturing, drones, electronics, robotics and Iot.

After introducing Rbtrp in Basel during the first international conference about applied robotic in art and design the Technology HUB was the opportunity to eventually present Robotrip in action. During the three days of the fair our Kuka 6-axis robotic arm was programmed to “hand-write” our manifesto. A 2D demo installation that we carried through the plugin KUKA prc for Grasshopper.


The installation was meant as a provocation, an extreme manifestation of all the processes involved in our approach. Robotrip is based on the use of industrial robots in non-industrial environments, focusing on an automated production but not standardized. The provocation in this sense was precisely to use the industrial robot to write a manifesto by a marker pen, letter by letter. In this way, we have produced a series of imperfections which makes the result looks like it was executed by hand. A remarkable work even for the portion of code, extremely long and full of variables compared to common application for which these machines are routinely programmed, usually very short codes, for simple movements, standardized and repeated thousands of times.


During the fair, also, Thursday, June 9, Francesco Perego from WeMake held a talk about Robotrip: applied robotics in art and design telling the audience of Technology HUB how the project came about, what are the experiments in progress and the prospects for future developments .

View photos of Robotrip in Technology HUB.