rbtrp 1° Workshop

Kuka open traces was the first of a series of workshops for designers, makers and artists to present, through an hands-on experience, the research project Robotrip started by the collaboration between Wemake and Caracol Studio.

Robotrip is investigating the possibilities given by the union of robotics and open tools, particurally all the possible applications of a KUKA robot in the creative industry.

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The workshop was held Saturday, June 18 at WeMake.

After a theoretical introduction in which were explained the particulars of an anthropomorphic KUKA 6-axis robotic arm we moved on to the generation of the toolpath, thanks to the software Grasshopper and its plugin KUKA | prc. In particular, we focused on creating vector drawings in 2D as a mandala, patterns, written and two-dimensional parametric drawing made by the participants, and then we worked on the production stage.

In the afternoon, in fact, we moved to the laboratory to introduce the robot’s basic functions. We then explained the KCP interface, how to jog the robot and all the different working flow.

We have equipped the Kuka robots with an end effector for the design which can accommodate different tools such as pens and pencils but also brushes and markers. Each of the participants at the end of the day brought home its own piece of robotic art.

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Here the photo album of the workshop and the work of the participants.

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