rbtrp at Makerfaire Rome


Turning seriality in art and reinterpret robotics making it closer to humans. In a word reframe the industrial production tools in the artistic and artisanal experimentation. This is what Robotrip aims, born by the collaboration between WeMake, Studio Caracol and Eutrolog.

As we got to see at Maker Faire Rome, the Robotrip team have rescheduled a mechanical industrial robotic arm through the use of an Arduino board and the adoption of some special accessories, turning it into a kind of 3d printer able to perform with great precision large components and complex invoice.

This however is not the only possible use, the limit it is only in the imagination of the designer. The Robotrip team for example told us how they want to applied the 3d printing process to structural materials which can be used in architectural application.

In short Robotrip wants to put its construction capabilities for industrial devices with high precision at the service of creativity, design and experimentation, what do you think?

Article credit to Alessandro Crea

Original source: Tom’s Hardware

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