Caracol Studio and WeMake with rOBOTRIP project  will take part to FuoriSalone 2017 (4-9 April). WeMake has developed with CNA the Manufacturing 4.0 event located in BASE Milano (Tortona District) with the aim of showing how the small and medium enterprises can face one of the biggest challenge of these years: a new way of producing Leggi di piùrOBOTRIP @ Base[…]

rOBOTRIP @ Isola

The installation wants to show the creative process which brings to the realization of unique clay artifacts through an additive manufacturing process executed by a 6-axis robotic arm. From the handmade preparation of the clay mixture, through the installation of the extrusion device on the robotic support, until the physical model creation digitally processed, the Leggi di piùrOBOTRIP @ Isola[…]