robotrip base

Caracol Studio and WeMake with rOBOTRIP project  will take part to FuoriSalone 2017 (4-9 April). WeMake has developed with CNA the Manufacturing 4.0 event located in BASE Milano (Tortona District) with the aim of showing how the small and medium enterprises can face one of the biggest challenge of these years: a new way of producing and designing goods driven by the key concepts of digital, smart and distributed fabrication.

The innovation processes can be lead by makerspaces and fablabs like WeMake, because in these new production hubs, innovation and experimentation represents everyday activity. Machines’ hacking, fast prototyping, experimentation thanks to the different people animating the community around open source software, are some of the key ingredients which help building the future.

At the FuoriSalone we will showcase rOBOTRIP and explain the processes developed in the fablab: Digital Fashion, additive manufacturing with different materials, and advanced manufacturing. Such processes are open, flexible and easy to customize.

It is possible to visit the stand with wemakers showing what Manufaturing 4.0 is with activity mainly aimed at schools and enterprises (book here).

Book your ticket to the conference: April 7th, 11 am, “Manifattura 4.0, the challenge for the future of Italian companies” conference.

rOBOTRIP, a project of experimental research born from the collaboration between Caracol Design Studio and Wemake FabLab.